About Us

The Story of Papaaya Swimwear


Papaaya Swimwear was established in 2021, and is a Mumbai based brand. The name was derived from our Founder Maia Shroff a fashion enthusiast, who is fondly known as “MaiaPapaaya” by her friends and family.

Maia was always obsessed with all things summer. Be it the beach, the sun or the ocean, she is happiest in a bikini. Papaaya Swimwear is the perfect amalgamation of Maia’s love for summer and fashion. All our swimwear is handmade in India, and crafted out of the highest quality fabrics designed to make you look and feel your best.

At Papaaya Swimwear, we’d like to think we’re giving you much more than just a bikini or a suit to swim in. Our little box is fun filled, packed with confidence, some heat and lots of love. Yes, that’s right, we’re giving you summer in a box!

Maia’s Top Picks


One Shoulder (Shaken)


Triangle (Stirred)


Scoop Crop (On the Rocks)


High leg cheeky